Grow Where You’re Planted

Grow Were You're Planted


Weeds Are What You Make Them

Moonand Milkweed

moon and milkweed

The Blackberry

the wild vine

doth bind and twine

and tie themselves to a tree

allowing nothing to be free

except, of course, for the blackberry

which scrambles

and rambles

very exuberantly

it buries the hills

and goes where it wills


upon some gating

like a porcupine bristling quills

keeping sweetness protected

lest it be detected

saves the blackberry

and me


Dandy Lion

Dandy Lion

Make A Wish

Make A Wish

Witchy Space

Witchy Space

life on a small scale…..

Prim and almost proper

Prim and almost proper

aren’t we all just one weed away from perfect?

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