Lamb’s Tongue

lambs quarters for sale


I See The Sea

the breeze blows my hair back

and i feel no lack

i see the sea

the gulls cry

and i don’t care why

i see the sea

the sand is cold

yet i’m no longer old

i see the sea

the sky is gray

but there’s no gloom today

i see the sea

the waves roll in

not telling where they’ve been

i see the sea

and it sets me free


Gifts From the Garden Fairy

This morning I went outside to begin watering my yard. It has been so dry that this task promised to occupy the better part of the day. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I really don’t water the grass, I don’t much care if it dies. If there were only grass, I would never have to water again, but the flowers and bushes are another story. I invest some of myself into their survival and it makes me happy to see them. The beds are strung out along the south side of my house and across the west facing front. The farthest one is nearly 100 feet from the front door. Since the only spigot is behind the house (east face) I have 200 feet of hose to drag around. I’d like to invent a better way to do this, but so far nothing works out. So I water.

Today, as I made my way around, through the side yard, watering all the pots, stopping by the azaleas (and noting that over there my efforts were making the poison ivy very healthy). Crossing back to visit the cannas, I finally turned my attention to the largish plot in the front that is designated the “vegetable garden”, though except for some herbs this year it has run more to flowers, I notice, there at the driveway end of the plot, leaned up across the wedelia¬†and oregano, a frog! It is wooden, about 2 feet tall, and attached to a substantial stake made of rebar. It says “Welcome to Our Pad” and is grinning cheerfully. I have never seen it before. Someone has left it for me! Who could this anonymous benefactor be?

The day suddenly improves approximately 1000%. Even the fact that about 20 minutes later a bee stings me on the hand doesn’t particularly dim my mood. I was touched that someone thought enough of me to have come by while I was sleeping and left me an anonymous present. Obviously it was someone who knew me since my frog obsession, while widely known, is not immediately obvious unless you go inside my house, my car, or can see my Facebook account. I do have a 1/6 dozen yard frogs, but they are small and you might not notice them from a distance of two or three feet. Random passing strangers can probably be ruled out. I wonder who could have done this nice thing. Anyone who knows me, even in passing, as near as I can work out. My bon homme extends to include all other humans on the planet. It is amazing how happy this simple, unexpected act has made me. The gray and angst-y cloud that has been dogging my steps lately has cleared like a morning fog, burned away. Placing it carefully in a prominent position in the yard, I realize that this wonderful feeling will not soon dissolve. I am quite sure that a warm glow will wash over me every time I see “Anonymous Frog” from now on.

So, just for today, the Garden Fairy has brought the sun and I will bask in its¬†friendly light, planning for whom I can do an anonymous kindness…..

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