Runaway Sleep

Sleep eludes me

hiding under my pillow, slipping round the bedroom door

and running down the hall and away

to hide, laughing at me softly, behind the sofa

I look for it under the remote control

and in the screen of the television

It isn’t there

Nor in the refrigerator, where I look next

I think it has escaped into the darkness beyond the windows

or maybe gone to play with the cat, who seems to find it easily

Perhaps in the guest room?

Or the cookie jar?

Eventually I give up the search and begin to write

Then, as dawn is breaking,

sleep slinks shamefaced into the room and taps me on the shoulder

expecting to be welcomed back like a prodigal son

and I do

folding it into my arms and rushing it off to bed

before it changes it’s mind




I creep about

inside my house

I’m having doubt

so it’s hand to mouse.

It’s 3 o’clock,

dawn’s far away,

I’m taking stock

of yesterday.

I hope my mind

soon will cease

and I can find

some sort of peace.

Another day

is bound to come

if I can find my way

from beneath this one.


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