Lamb’s Tongue

lambs quarters for sale


Yellow Beach Flower

yellow beach flower

Yellow Dahlia


Spring Forward

Spring Forward



Today I spent 1/3 of my wealth

A full third of my available capital

not knowing when,

or even if

it will be renewed

and bought a flower.

Not even a blooming flower

or one growing

already in a pot

But rather,

a bare root

leafless and needing much care

needing to be soaked and planted

tended and cared for

watered and watched

without any assurance that it will survive long enough to bloom

a foolish expenditure

and yet

necessary to my belief in the future

if I too

   am to survive long enough to bloom

Petunias Pared Down

Petunias Pared Down

White roses

White roses

Red Climber

Red Climber

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

In Triplicate

In Triplicate

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