On Facebook

Every day

on facebook

I want to post how sad I am

and that I cry

in the night

I would like to talk about the pain that closes off my throat

but instead I write about the weather

It’s sunny today!

Sigh, rain again.

or maybe something about the fog.

Never mentioning the fog in my brain

or the rain of tears

that tempers the raging fire

my maddness has become.

I have become adept

at hiding.

Careful that no one should see

the crazy hanging out of me

like the tatty lace hem of a none too clean slip

peeping from beneath a more respectable garment

too hastily donned.

I cannot tell you where it hurts

or why

or even that it hurts at all

lest I explode, or begin to cry and never stop

dissolving myself into a puddle

So I tell you I am fine

because there is nothing else

for me to say.


Grandma Has a Blog!

Yes, Grandma has a blog. And a cell phone, a computer, a facebook¬†account and is probably aware of how you could get on twitter if you wanted to. Grandma has a life. My Grandma had a garden, some potted plants, a bunch of cats that she spent inordinate¬†amounts of time watching. She crocheted and of course there was Grandpa to see after. Maybe that was a life and I just never noticed. My grandkids notice and are amazed. They can’t imagine someone so old wanting a life of their own. My 12-year-old granddaughter just recently saw my blog for the first time. She was astounded. “You WROTE this?” she asked, “By yourself?” I assured her that yes, indeed I did. And took all the pictures too. Then she saw one of herself. “Why did you use this?” she demanded, “My hair is a mess!” The questions began in earnest, “Do people read this?” At least 75, I told her. “How long have you had this?” Oh, 6 months or so, I reckoned. “So 75 people will see this?” I showed her the ‘stats’ page that keeps track of views and visitors and such. There was a pause. Thinking happened. “So, I’m kinda famous? 900 people have seen my picture?(no, probably not, I interject) Can I write a paragraph on here?” I told her if she submitted a story to me I would include it. I’m not sure how I became an editor. I’m also not sure it’s a promotion.
I do wonder how this tech savvy generation of grandparents will affect the changing world. This blog thing seems to have knocked a good many years off that child’s perception of my age. She also wants to know how old she has to be to start her own blog and will I help her. I’d better. I’m going to end up working for her.

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