Addled Adages

time and tide turn on a dime

the wise owl let theĀ dogs out

nosey parkers look in horse’s mouths

rolling stones drive up the wall

early birds are two per bush

quiet mice get pigs in pokes

flying timeĀ skins cats

running jokes fall on flat faces

sly foxes get what’s coming

dead ducks are daft as a brushes

cold turkey’s the end of the line




Cat Fur

My trouser cuffs are vaugely blurry

perhaps because they are so furry

my shoes are looking rather shaggy

and so much fluff makes my sweaters baggy

my hat it seems is all abristle

resembling a battered thistle

the sofas are all quite hirsute

never mind my beleagured suit

all this hair is not from me

my cat is shedding don’t you see



A comma of cats

rythmic tails metronoming

window sill watchers

The Awful Cat

The Awful Cat


kitty, kitty

comes to food

and likes her chin scratched

she will run to greet you

and then stand just out of reach

sometimes she will roll around on her back

coyly inviting you in

only to leap away when you reach for her

she purrs loudly

at the sight of the cat treat bag

head butting it ecstatically

and yet

other days

she will hop up on the sofa

giving me her paw to hold

and laying against my leg

purring softly and allowing liberties such as belly rubbing

so totally relaxed

I can almost believe

she loves me as much as cat treats


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