Lamb’s Tongue

lambs quarters for sale


Sunset Skewed

Sunset Skewed

Yellow Beach Flower

yellow beach flower

Yellow Dahlia


The Sea

The sea is hard and cold and deep,

she is cruel and careless too

but she quiets the things I rue

and when she whispers I can sleep.

‘Tis peace I find here at the shore

the smells of rot and some decay

bind to salt in a pleasing way

and life’s travails pang me no more.

The waves and tide in her abide

and wild surfs wash clean many pasts

sand filing edges smooth at last,

she’s freeing souls for one last ride.

The wheeling soaring gulls do cry

but at the ocean’s side, not I.


Insidiously creeping stuff,

insinuating into food

and other places much more crude,

rasping ones’ skin until it’s rough.

It slides inside my shoes you see

and fills them full, no room for feet

and thence prevents my being fleet.

It seems it just won’t let me be.

By going to the sea it seems

I must sacrifice some comfort

for the joys that the ocean brings.

Like seeing how the sunlight gleams

and how the shrimp boats come to port.

My heart soars as the ocean sings.

Eye Trap

Eye Trap



Today I spent 1/3 of my wealth

A full third of my available capital

not knowing when,

or even if

it will be renewed

and bought a flower.

Not even a blooming flower

or one growing

already in a pot

But rather,

a bare root

leafless and needing much care

needing to be soaked and planted

tended and cared for

watered and watched

without any assurance that it will survive long enough to bloom

a foolish expenditure

and yet

necessary to my belief in the future

if I too

   am to survive long enough to bloom

It’s Spring!

It's Spring! 

Tree Line

Tree Line

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