The dampening moss

holding moisture

deadening sound

cushioning stones

blurring the sharp edges of breaks and cracks

guarding the modesty of oaks

so they are not naked in winter.

Eating moss

is said to keep reindeer from starving.

I wonder how it tastes?

green and dank and fuzzy?

Slippery when wet,

moss can cause ferns to grow on tree trunks

nourishing their roots

and holding them fast to the tree

The indians considered moss medicinal

it dresses wounds

pads splints

and can stanch the flow of blood.

I watch long strands

wafting in breezes

the trailing locks of a dryads hair-do

wispy and matted

Gentle moss,

it binds up my soul

and slick with heart’s blood

my cares slide away

peace grows

from roots tangled and trapped

and I rest

on the kindness of moss



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