Frog Kissing

Recently I spent some time on an internet dating site. I do this to myself every so often. It is my penance for being lonely. I came away with some advice for the fellas on these sites. First of all, since I can’t see you, spelling counts. When you write that little note, pause long enough to check and make sure that at least most of the words are correctly spelled. Particularly words of 7 letters or less. Otherwise I am left wondering who you hired to write your profile and where exactly it was that you went to school. Oh, and please include something in the way of content. If you have written two notes and have only typed 9 words, you are not including enough content. I understand typing is hard, but so is having a conversation all by myself, and NOT conversing with myself is the goal here anyway!

Secondly, when you find a picture of yourself, make sure it has been taken within the decade. The CURRENT decade. It also might be a good idea if you are not wearing a white underwear t-shirt or a ‘wife beater’ tank, unless of course those look good on you. In the over 50 set though, that doesn’t happen as often as you think, and the idea that you are sitting around in your underwear lurking on the computer is not as appealing as you have been led to believe. Oh, and that sideways head shot of you lying down making ‘soulful’ eyes? It makes us snicker. Not in a nice way either. And if you have 25 pictures of yourself lying around? Edit them down man! Anything more than 5 or so just looks weird.

Sadly, I think my current adventure on the dating site is nearly at a close. So far the most interesting conversation I have had is with a man who had posted a very angry profile. I ran across it while scanning the site and for whatever reason, paused long enough to take him to task for it. I wondered why he was looking for a woman since he didn’t seem to like us very much. He actually answered me (imagine my surprise!) and explained who he was angry with and why. Articulately no less! Then he removed the angry profile and replaced it with a nice one. We wrote back and forth a couple of times, but live too far apart to date. Sigh. I know perseverance is supposed to be the key to endeavours of this sort, but I can only stand it for about a week and then it is 3-6 months before I can bear to return. So I reckon my chronically single status is not yet endangered.


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