My Favorite Outfit

Currently my favorite outfit is a pair of bright purple, elastic waist, capris, made of some material that feels like a heavy t-shirt, and an cotton tank top with a lighter green and purple floral pattern on it, overlaid in purple glitter, also in a flowery pattern. Yes, it is quite striking. No, I don’t wear it to town, even though in my mind it matches well enough. I have been trained to know that grown women cannot go about dressed like 5 year olds, in day-glo outfits, although last year the same purple capris, paired with a bright orange tank that sported purple glitter flowers, made it to the grocery store a few times. Now I only wear them in the house, and maybe to the yard. Last winter, my favorite shirt was a black t-shirt I bought for a dollar at an after Halloween sale. It had a lurid depiction of the skeleton and some of the organs stashed inside ones ribs, done in neon greens and purples. It made at least on person I know vaguely ill. I know because she told me so. I loved it though. It was incredibly comfy and seemed to satisfy the “extremely questionable taste” gene that runs rampant in my bloodline.
One of my sisters loves animal prints, mostly the cat ones, but she is not too fussy. I have seen her, between clothing and accessories have as many as 4 cat print items on at once…and they did not appear to all be from the same cat. The other sister recently cleaned out her closet after losing a substantial amount of weight. While offering me her clothes (I have not lost weight) she sent me a picture of some capris. They appeared to be made of some brilliant red, shiny material and had golden dragons embroidered up and down the legs. Life sized I think. Even I passed on those. My mother, now halfway through her 70’s unrepentantly wears whatever she likes. It has become obvious from where we inherited the questionable taste gene, although my father, by virtue of being color blind, can surprise you on occasion. I think I will be younger than my mother when I stop listening to anything others say about my fashion choices, or lack thereof. Since I have no spouse or other family member sharing my dwelling space to cast a disapproving eye, the only thing that keeps me in check now is the fact that I really don’t care to be treated like an eccentric old woman. One of these days in the not too distant future I am going to embrace that dotty old duck…and then a box of crayolas will have nothing on me!



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    June 1, 2013 at 12:40 am


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