Ode to Maxine

Mad Maxine
The Road Warrior Queen
You’d have to go far
to find a car
as beautiful as Maxine.
Her lumps,
even her bumps,
are proof
that she’ll never goof
and loose her sexy humps.

To accelerate
she is never late.
You hit the brake,
she’ll not quake.
She’s a car you’ll never hate.
She’s fun to drive,
and seems alive,
whizzing to and fro.
Ever on the go,
she’d never take a dive.

She scared me this week
by developing a leak
and though it was minor
they had to confine her
a garage, we were forced to seek.
I’ve had her ten years
so still your fears,
she’s safe at home
and again will roam
a mustang, clanging her gears.


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