A friend told me tonight that she had read my blog. All by herself, without a prompt from me she saw a link and went and read a story. She read the one about the little horse. And she liked it! It is astonishing how good that makes me feel. We have been friends for years, and there is no doubt in my mind that she cares about me….and yet…..the simple act of reading my work unsolicited and telling me, all unbidden, how much she enjoyed it made me feel like I had won a prize.

Then she told me that she read the whole thing expecting to see herself and her nieces in the end of the story, since she’d heard this story once already, right after it happened, when I stopped at her house on my way home. For a minute my head swelled and I felt almost famous, wielding the power of my pen….until I saw her grinning at my foolishness, as she stared inside my silly head, using her “friend-powers” to examine the thoughts there.

“That would’ve been another story,” I told her. And it is.


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