Sifting, shifting

sliding, seeping

it is everywhere

adhering to the dirty clothes

scraping there, across my nose

inside tightly sealed containers

stuck to sandals and my trainers

in my ears

and hair

and teeth

gritting in my sheet for sleep

insidious, ubiquitous


t’ween my toes

and up my nose

and even in my, yes,

well, you can guess!




What Do You Wish For?

I wish for


and nothing at all

for happiness

and love

for peace

and sometimes for money.

I wish for sunny days

and rainy ones so I don’t have to water the garden.

for good health

and more grandchildren

for time

and trips to the beach

I wish for the things we all want

ordinary wishes

fueled by the plebeian dreams

of my prosaic mind


Petunias Pared Down

Petunias Pared Down

Maiden, Mother, Crone

the young girl sighs

and as she cries

believes utterly that her heart dies

then woman grown

she stands alone

defiantly, her heart she hones

’til her hand quakes

she creaks and aches

and then in truth, her heart does break





we become

old, brown compost

weighing almost nothing

fine and dry and crumbly

we begin

wet, green, individual

heavy with promise

creating heat and gasses and smells

we are heaped

and turned together

rubbing our edges against each other

spending our heat, losing cohesion


one day

we are incorporated into the whole

our selves indistinguishable

from other selves

and all of us together

creating nourishment

for what comes after


Lily Livered

Lily Livered

Everybody Knows

time and tide

turn on a dime

the wise owl

let the cat out

rolling stones

drive up the wall

early birds

are two per bush

quiet mice

get pigs in pokes

running jokes

fall on flat faces

sly foxes

get what’s coming

dead ducks are

daft as a brushes

cold turkey’s

the end of the line


White roses

White roses

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